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The Morning's

Nighmare for snoozers

Hello sunshine, let’s be honest, mornings are not so shiny, nor is this app. I’m DarkSheep, the alarm app which charges 1$ and roasts you for every morning snooze.

Why would you snooze for a nap after 7 hours of sleep?

Here are some better reasons to snooze:

  • Get Roasted

    Let’s bring some fun in the mornings! And by fun, I mean you, the product of all these roasts. Let’s get roasted!

  • Lose money

    Where would be your motivation to really wake up if not losing something valuable? No, your integrity doesn’t count, but your wallet does!

  • Roast a friend

    Friendship is about sharing, so why not piss off your friends for no reason? Anonymously, so that doesn’t make you a bad friend.

  • Morning Battle

    I can take you all the money you don’t have, but social pressure hurts more, so you’ll be able to compete with friends and win the money they’re losing.

Reverse Testimonial

What DarkSheep says about people

Imagine this: Sleep is your Drug, Bed is the Dealer and I’m the Police

Our Team

The DarkSheep’s Devils

We share more than just a business, we share common values, jokes, friendship, and a similar vision.

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